Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Golf carts and The Internet

Golfs Carts look like the Model T car and maybe in the future Golf carts will look more like modern cars.

In the future golfers will have a machine that teaches then how to play golf and in the future machines will show any body how to do sports art or any thing professionally. 

And let talk about the internet there was no internet in the 1970's there was nothing.

Their is Golf on the Internet too. Let talk about what will happen if the internet disappear well there will take every thing off the inter first then put it on the new browser that is just like the internet but more advanced and they will probably not call it the internet they will probably call it the new internet for the browsers nick name and the real name of the browser will not be call the internet but something else.

They probably should call this new browser Infinity Every thing Tube because it has more stuff then what the internet has and by the way it was the Internets birthday yesterday. 

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