Saturday, March 2, 2019

Pink Panther

Their is a Pink Panther cartoon and that cartoon is a pink cat and that cartoon came out in September 6, 1969 their last episode was in September 1, 1979.

The creator of the Pink Panther cartoon is Friz Freleng and David H. DePatie.

 Their is also The Pink Panther movie and That came out in February 10, 2006. 

That movie looks like it has real people playing the characters and the pink Panther cartoon character.

I think their was this little girl who wore Pink when she was boxing and Her Nick name was the Pink Panther and she was Boxing Blind Folded and I do not think she can beat adults up but I think she has some fighting skills that adults do not have. Kira Makogonenko is her name.

Pink used to be my favorite color now it's red and yellow. I use to talk about the color purple and pink every day and I was in love with those colors when I use to draw a colored everything in pink and purple and Now I color in all different colors.

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