Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Thr Rugrats Characters

The main characters of the Rugrats names are Tom Pickles and his brother Dill Pickles and His Parents names are Stu Pickles and they call him that on the show and his real name is Stuart Louise Pickles and Didi Pickles and she full name is Didila Kropotkin-Pickles. Kropotkin was her name before she got married to Stu.

Susie Carmichael Is also a main character in the Rugrats and her parents names are
Dr. Lucille Kojo-Carmichael and Randy Carmicheal.

Angelica Pickles is Tommy's Cousin and Angelica parents names are Charlotte Pickles and Drew.Angelica is mean to Tommy and his friends Phil and Lil and also Chuckie.

Chuckie is Tommy's best friend and Chuckie's dad's name is Chas Finster. Chuckie has a step sister named Kimmy and a Step mom named Kira.

Phil and Lil's parents names are Howard DeVille and Betty Giselle DeVille. That is the characters name in rugrats.

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