Thursday, August 15, 2019

Left Behind

Left Behind is about when those people believe in God and Jesus is your Lord and saver they disappear on the earth and go to heaven it says that in the bible and it's going to happen but we do not know when it's going to happen.

 So this movie shows if it does happen and after it happens bad stuff will happen on this Earth for example planes will crash and explode cars will crash into buildings and people will do bad stuff and after that Jesus will come back and their will be a war between Jesus and The Devil and Jesus war will win the fight.

If that happen God will take those people up to heaven because to protect those people from the darkness and if you do not believe in God or Jesus is your Lord and saver You will get left behind.

When people disappear on this Earth and they go to heaven that is called a rapture. Heaven is a better place then Earth.Vic Armstrong is The director of this movie this movie came out in October 3, 2014.

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