Thursday, August 22, 2019

Rocket Monkeys

Rocket Monkeys was a show on Nickelodeon This show is about Brothers that are monkeys Gus and Wally who are monkey astronauts.

 They're not the Smartest or coolest astronauts, but since they're the only ones around, they are called upon to go into space and carry out different kinds of important missions -- including battling rogue black holes and vengeful aliens.

Other members of the brothers' crew include bossy astrophysicist Dr. Chimpsky, who gives the monkeys their assignments; YAY-OK, a devoted robot that is slightly outdated and is the brothers' only hope to help keep them on course; and Inky, a space octopus and artist who communicates through his ink drawings.

 Dan Abdo and Jason Patterson are the creators of Rocket Monkeys. I hope you guys like this show and this shows first episode was in January 10, 2013 and their final episode was in November 23, 2016.

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