Saturday, August 24, 2019

Nzinga Austin

Nzinga Austin is me and My full name is Nzinga Lon Stein Austin. I was born in August 3rd 1999 and my parents names are Kamau Austin and Carol Lynn. My favorite colors use to be pink and purple now is Yellow and Red.

I am an artist I draw on the computer I create my own cartoon characters and if you want to know there names There are on the cartoon bop. I like to cake decorate and bake cakes and cookies.  I am also a Cartoonist and I want my cartoons to be on TV some day and I would like my cartoons to be on Nicklodeon or on Disney Channel.

Their is not a lot of cartoons on Disney Channel and we need more cartoons on Disney channel. Not all of my cartoons are on my blog and if there are not on Nickelodeon or on Disney channel any more they will go to my website and I will start making new episodes of them.

Like if a show is not on TV anymore they do not make more episodes. I also Like to sing and here is my singing video.

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