Monday, August 5, 2019

Martha Speaks and Boobah

Martha Speaks is a talking dog and that show is created by Susan Meddaugh This show is about A family dog gains the power of speech after the letters in some alphabet soup wind up misrouted to her brain instead of her stomach in this whimsical animated series adapted from books by Susan Meddaugh.

 The show's focus is teaching young people synonyms and vocabulary. Each episode uses key words to showcase an underlying theme. 

In September 1, 2008 that is when their first episode came on the air and in November 18, 2014 that is their final episode. I know this show a little but it's not my favorite show.

BooBah is about British exercise show for toddlers from the creators of Teletubbies. Designed to be interactive, Boohbah encourages children to move, dance and create stories while exploring science, technology and fantasy. The creator of this show is Anne Wood.

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