Friday, September 24, 2021

Tyler Perry's Young Dylan

Tyler Perry makes a lot of TV shows.  One of the TV shows which seems promising is Perry's "Young Dylan" TV series.

Young Dylan, is about an affluent family's world which turned upside down when their nephew, an aspiring hip-hop star, moves in unannounced.  Tyler Perry, I heard used to be homeless, and now he is a famous billionaire in the movie business.  He even owns one of the largest movies studios in the US located in Atlanta, Georgia. 

Tyler Perry started in plays and that is how he became famous. Tyler Perry, also made Madea and this female character did not play.  If you mess with her she gets outspoken and beats up people.

Madea is an old lady but Tyler Perry dressed up and played her major roles and central character in his plays and subsequent movies.  Young Dylan, is a show on Nickelodeon about a young boy.

Out of Tyler Perry's many shows and movies my favorite is "Madea goes to jail." Madea Boo and Madea's Tough love is a cartoon version of Madea.  I enjoyed because they are very interesting and entertaining.

I have a cousin in her early 60's and my family says she reminds me of Madea. Jokingly My family says I have Madea blood in me. 

I never seen Young Dylan before but I hope it's a good show.  Because Tyler Perry has an excellent track record of making entertaining shows and hilarious movies that people to love watch.

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