Sunday, April 15, 2018

Captain Underpants

Captain Under Pants is a Movie and before it was a movie it had comics books.

I read parts of the comics books at school But I did not read the whole thing.

The creator of Captain Underpants is Dav Pilkey. The movie is about to boys who a best first and they make their own comic books and they make the other children laugh but the principal does not want the children to have any fun and the two boys had something to turn the mean principal into captain under pants.

The Principal wanted the boys to be separated and then their was this teachers Professor Poopy Pants and the two boys said " What does the P stand for."

 Professor Poopy Pants said is private the boys Named George Bread and Harold Sherman Hutchins said " Is it Professor Private. The two boys did not know his name was Professor Poopy Pants until the read the paper and all of the children in the school started laughing.

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