Sunday, April 22, 2018

Duck Tales

Duck Tales is a Disney Cartoon and the creator of the show is Jymn Magon.

So Duck Tales first Episode was in September 18, 1987 and their last episode was November 28,1990. So I saw the commercial of DuckTales yesterday on the Disney Channel.

I thought that show was a new show coming up on Disney channel but it's really an old show and They have reruns of the episodes and they episodes happened to look new but there old episodes that I never watched before.

I never was into Disney channel I tried to say Disney channel is my favorite channel because there was a girl who I wanted to be friends with and she was my neighbor and her friends like Disney Channel and I did not have a lot of friends growing up.

Me and her yelled at each other and when I was at her house she never let me watch Nickelodeon that is my favorite channel at my house I never let her watch Disney Channel.

So I said to my self you know what I should not say to people I like Disney Channel and I should not force myself to like that channel. The characters Names on Duck Tales are Dewey duck, Louie Duck, Huey Duck those are the boy ducks and Webby Duck is the girl duck. Donald duck is there uncle.

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