Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Helen Keller

Helen Keller was an american Author. She was blind and deaf. She had a teacher come to the house and she help Helen to speak and there was one time Helen got upset and she hit the glass doll in her teachers face.

Helen use to smack her teacher and her teacher smacked her back but she did not hurt Helen she was trying to teach her if you hit people some one might hit you back. Her parents  spoiled her because they felt sorry that she was deaf and she was blind.

Blind means she could not see and Deaf means she could not hear. I watch the Helen Keller movie since I was in third grade.

Keller was the first Deaf Blind person to get an bachelor of arts degree. Helen Keller was born in
June 27, 1880 in Tuscumbia Alabama and she died in June 1, 1968 in Easton Connecticut. Arthur H. Keller is her father  and her mothers name is Kate Adams Keller. 

Helen Keller was 88 years old when she died and Her mother was 65 when she died and she was born in  October 12, 1856, Arkansas. Her father it does not say when he was born or when he died.

Kate Adams Keller parents names are Charles W. Adams and Lucy Everett. Charles was born in
August 16, 1817 Boston Massachusetts. in  he died in September 9, 1878 in Memphis Tennessee.

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