Saturday, April 7, 2018

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton is the wife of Bill Clinton. She was going to run for president and before Donald Trump was president they were other people that were running for president Bernie and I do not remember the other guys names.

 My dad wanted Bernie to became president but that did not work out he lost.

The two chooses were Hillary Clinton and Trump I did not vote for Trump I voted for Hillary because I wanted to be the first woman president Bill Clinton her husband is already president.

I was on the train once and I said " There are too many Male presidents and lets have a woman have a chance."  And the woman on the train were cheering for me.

 When Trump becomes president I was very upset and My grand mother on my mothers side got her wish.

Hillary Clinton was born in October 26, 1947 in Edgewater Hospital in Chicago. Her parents names are Hugh Rodham and Dorothy Howell Rodham. Hillary Clinton name was before she got married was Hillary Rodham.

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