Wednesday, April 4, 2018

April first

This year on April. first it was Easter and April Fools day. Usually April Fools day is usually not on the same day as April Fools Day and Easter is Usually after April fools Day.

This year I am on spring break the weather has been very weird it's been snowing then raining and it's supposed to be snowing again this Saturday.

Usually This does not happens after the first day of spring and this does not usually happen during spring break.

When I was younger and when it was spring break it was usually sunny and warm it's not usually raining and snowing now it's raining and snow maybe it's has to do some thing with the air pollution and most people do not know why it's snowing.

If it's still snowing in the end of April and if it's Snowing in the end of May that I think is air pollution because at the end of April or may it's not suppose to snow at all.

Easter is on a Sunday but we do not know exactly what day it falls on it's usually after April Fools day.

So for me this has been the weirdest spring so far but hopefully that will change and it will not snow in May or at the end of April at all.

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