Tuesday, August 7, 2018

The Boondocks video game

The Boondocks is coming back as a video game soon some where in 2018. The Boondocks was first a comic book created by Aaron McGruder. The comic book first came out in 1996.

There first episode on the TV show on Adult Swim the air date was November 6, 2005 there final episode was in
June 23, 2014.

Then mouths ago I here that there is going to be a Boondocks video game they said  there was going to be a movie of The Boondocks there should be a movie.

Maybe in a Boondocks clip there show Huey and Riley are in there 20's and they still look the same but the do not have any beards or mustache.

Also in the clip what would it be like if Huey and Riley got older and the where glasses and they have no hair.

I ask " How would Huey and Riley Look like if they had know hair." Most people that watch there show they say "I do not know."

I know because I am an artist Huey and Riley faces and eyes will still look the same except the are both hairless. It will just be like Riley will not have Cornrows any more and Huey will not have the Afro any more.

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