Saturday, August 11, 2018

The Road to El Dorado

Well I knew the movie when I first put The Price of Egypt's video in the video type I saw the The Road to El Dorado on the movie preview and that is when the Price of Egypt movie started.

The Road of El Dorado is created by The Road to El Dorado is a 2000 American animated adventure musical fantasy comedy film produced by DreamWorks Animation.

 It was directed by Eric "Bibo" Bergeron and Don Paul; Will Finn and David Silverman directed additional sequences.

The movie was release in March 31,2000. The girl in the movie her name is Chel. In the movie there are two men that are the main characters in the movie one man has blond hair and on has dark hair and he wears a pony tail and those men both have long hair.

Miguel is the one with the blond hair and Tulio is the one with the dark hair.

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