Saturday, August 11, 2018

The Lion King

 Well when Simba was a baby an Adult Monkey was holding him and the Monkeys name was Rafiki his like the elder in Simba's family.

Well I saw the Second Lion King and the first Lion king and in the first Lion King Simba's father Mufasa died in the movie because Simba's Uncle Scar Killed him.

 At First Simba thought it was an accident that he killed him but at the end of the movie Scar told Simba that he killed his father so Simba got very angry and Scar died at the end of that movie.

Scar told Simba to "run away and Never return!" and he ran away to the desert and that is when Pumbaa and Timon found him and Simba lived at there place and that is how they became friends.

The movies is created by Irene Mecchi and Linda Woolverton. The movie was released in June 24, 1994.

Nala in the movie is Simba's friend and Simba married her and they had a daughter name Kiara she was in the Second Lion King.

Kion is Simba's Son his was not in the first or the second Lion King he was in The Lion Guard. Sarabi is Simba's mother and Nala's mother is Sarafina. The Lion King movie came out in
June 24, 1994and the second Lion King came out in October 26, 1998.

I have The Second Lion King at Home I do not have the First Lion King I saw the First Lion King at school and a watch it more then The second Lion King. My father show my the video of the cast of the Lion King play was singing the songs from the movie on the E train in New York City.

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