Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Board Games are started to became gross and TV

There are many Bord games and some board games are card games and some games are like bord games. My favorite board games was Sorry and Candy Land.

People used to play board games but not any more. Now people play with Video Games. Their are gross board games like pee puppy and Doggie Doo.

Doggie Doo is when you feed the toy dog and the food and poop comes out of hes but. Well people should not make board games or any game that has to do with pee or poop.

The pee dog game is like you pass the toy dog around before he pee on you. I do not know games suck these days and  that is ugly. No body wants to here pee or poop and I do not know now they allow it on TV.

Tv used to be no body should talk about poop or bad words and now they can say bad words and talk about number 1 or 2. If I was the boss of the TV I say get reed of any game or TV show that talks about poo.

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