Sunday, October 2, 2022

Cat Scartch

Cat Scartch was a cartoon on Ncikeloden and is not on TV any more.July 9, 2005 that is when their first episode aired on TV. Their final episode was in February 10, 2007.

Doug TenNapel is the crreator of this show. The characters names are Human Kimeraly, Gordon, Mr.Blink and Waffle also Hoivse.

My favorite character of this show is Waffle because he is a cute cat that happenend to look like a dog and in one episode he pretends that he is a dog too.

Cat scartch was one of my favorite Nickelodeon shows. and now I am talking about it this year on my blog.

I would love to work at Nickelodeon studios or at dinsey studio some day but if I never get hired I will make my own TV studios for my cartoons.

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