Sunday, October 2, 2022

Upin and Ipin

 Upin and Ipin is about Curious and fun loving five-year-old twin brothers Upin and Ipin learn and explore new things with their friends and the residents of their Malaysian village.

I did  not know that show until I saw it on Youtube. I watch one clip of it and I do not know the show that well.

This show I read is on Disney +.  This show looks like a good show for kids I do not know for sure The animation look awsome.

In September 14, 2007 that is their first episode. Hj. Burhanuddin Radzi Hjh. Ainon Ariff Is the creator of this show. This show has also been on Youtube and on Nickelodeon.

I probably did not know this show on Nickelodeon because maybe it was aired in a different country because I never seen this show aired on Nickelodeon.

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