Sunday, October 2, 2022

Ricky Sprocket

 Ricky Sprocket was a show on Nickelodeon that I watch when I was a child. David Fine  and Alison Snowden are the characters of this show. This show. Has also been on Teletoon.

This show is about Ricky Sprocket is the world's biggest child star adored by millions and has just about everything a 10-year-old could want. 

Still, Ricky has problems. For starters, there are the obsessed fans. And the jealous co-stars. And, of course, his parents who are more worried about his homework and making him take out the garbage than his Hollywood career. When he's not on-set, he's hanging out with pals Benny, Morris, Jamal and Alice. I was never really in to that show.

Rickey Sprocket had also been on a channel called Paramount Media Networks.  I am a cartoon fan.

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