Sunday, October 2, 2022



Pinocchio is a Movie on Disney. Pinocchio is a doll and every time he lies his nose sticks out. That is what I heard from one of my aints and I did not watch the movie but I did hear it from commerials. 

This movie is about In an Italian village a wooden doll names Pinocchio comes to life by the Blue Fairy and seeks the life of adventure while striving to be a real boy. Pinocchio's life is turned upside down when he leaves his father to follow the circus.

They is a New Pinocchio coming out  thsi years but the Original Pinocchio came out in February 1883. Then They come out with I movie in 1940.

Final They have A new Pinocchio movie coming out in 2022. and the movie looks more advance then it did in 1940 or in the 1800's.

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