Sunday, September 3, 2017


UFC is not good because I heard people died in the UFC and UFC stands for Ultimate Fighting Championship. 

It's good to protect your self and be your own boy guard but it's not okay to do it for a sport because any body can get very hurt or killed.

The Government lets people do that and the government should not let people get hurt and doing UFC and in fact UFC, boxing or Kickboxing people in the ring should not exist any more because I heard some body died in the UFC.

The Government should say "UFC is not allowed in the whole planet any more because any body can get killed.

"Who ever is trying to bring UFC back so people can hurt each other those people should get arrested because it will not be allowed in this country any more.

If people want to be a fighter and know every thing about Mixed Martial Arts they should hit a punching bag or spar with some one with out getting hurt.

 Any body in the future who tries to fight people in the cage should get arrest because they are hurting some one and Government all over the planet should say "UFC Does not exist any more because any can died or get very hurt."
If men and women wanted to know if they are the toughest men or women on the planet they should not fight on a cage on TV so the can get them sleeves hurt they should go to a different kind of MMA school and the coach will decided.

If your in the Army you get to kill some one else The army should not do that because if people try to kill each other in the army they are taking each others life away. If people in the army want to know if they could kill some one they should shoot the gun at a bag thing not people because any body could died.

And Their are a lot less women in the UFC and their are about 181 women UFC fighters in Total I know that because I looked in Alphabetical order and I counted each one and there are a lot more male UFC fighters then women.

I would not want to mess with the UFC fighters before I wanted to but I did not understand because I was younger.

Most people say '' If those fighters mess with me or my family for no reason I do not want to mess with them!"

I say " I do not want to mess with them for no reason unless the mess with me or my family I would mess with any one who attack my family members for no reason weather they are a UFC fighter or not and I do not care how strong they are I will try to beat the crap out of any body or any UFC fighter that tries to hurt my family for no reason if I can.

 No body can beat up any body I can not beat up a grown man on the street or any of the UFC fighters unless I go to a school I will be able to beat up the female UFC fighters but not the men because all men where built to be stronger then women.

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