Sunday, September 17, 2017

Ashley Gold Board

Ashley Gold Board was on the show called Hardcore Pawn.

Hardcore Pawn is a jewelry store that people come in and the people who work in the store and the customer's are rude to them and the rude customer's get kicked out of the store.

Ashley Gold's siblings name is Seth Gold that is her brother in real life and his is on the Hardcore Pawn the show and Board's parents name's are Lili gold and Les Gold.

Ashley was born in January 7, 1978 and her mother was born in 1975 and Ashely's mother that is a few years older that means she had Ashley at a very young age like a little girl and I never heard that a daughter is only a few years younger then her own mother.

Maybe that is her step mother or that is her mother but she got pregnant at a young age. And Ashely's father that happened to be born in June 20, 1950 in Detroit Michigan he obviously married a girl that is a lot younger then him.

Maybe Ashley if that is her real mother wanted to date older men or maybe she did but her father probably rapped her.

I am not saying that Ashley's father rapped her mother I am saying maybe he did or maybe he wanted to marrie a woman that is a lot younger any thing in a relationship could happen.

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