Saturday, September 16, 2017

Lakatriona Brunson

Lakatriona Brunson was on The realty TV show called South Beach Tow. At first I did not know what that show was called until I read on the internet.

I heard she is a Foot Ball coach and I read that she is one of the first female foot ball coach. She was born in May 15, 1977 in Miami Florida.

In the Reality TV show she was in she was beating up a police man well in my opinion Reality TV is not always True and in my opinion she could not fight a man to good because men are stronger unless he is sick even if some men are weaker them women all men are built to be a lot stronger But Lakatriona is a tough chick.

Well it does not say who her family was how tall she is and her children's names are because maybe she is not popular enough to have her family's names on the internet. On one clip I saw Brunson was chasing a man and picked up his car that happened to be a yellow car.

I asked my mother "do you think that's real?" My mother said "it does not look like it they are just doing that for TV."

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