Monday, September 18, 2017

Kim Possible, Lilo and Stitch and The Proud Family

Kim Possible is a teenage girl who look like an average teenage girl hat happens to be a cheerleader but she saves the whole planet from evil villain's.

Kim Possible is a cartoon that use to be on Disney channel but now it's not on TV any more.

I thought the show was still on TV because it was a popular show that a lot of people knew.

Kim Possible first air date was June 7, 2002 and the last air date was September 7, 2007. The creator of this show is Bob Schooley and Mark McCorkle.

Their was one episode that Kim Possible met Lilo and Stitch that also happens to be another show on Disney channel. Lilo and Stitch first episode was September 20, 2003 and there last episode was July 29, 2006.

Lilo and Stitch also met The Proud Family and usually if different TV shows on the same channel the characters meet each because they are on the same channel and if different creators that creator different cartoons on the same channel it's easier for them to work for each other.

For example if different shows are on the same channel the creators of the shows will make the cartoon characters meet each other because even if the cartoons are on different show there are on the same channel and it might be easier for the creator to have the idea for them working together so their character can meet because the creator of the different show will being working in the same cartoon studio's.

 But lets say if the different shows are not on the same channel it will be harder for the creator's to make there own cartoon character meet each other because the cartoons character are on different channel and it might be harder for the cartoons creators to work for each other if they work in different cartoon studio's because one cartoon studio might be in California while the other cartoon station might be in New York.

Like the reason why the Disney cartoon characters all no each other because they are on the same network and the creators on each different show will have great idea's of different characters will each show will meet each other and the creators can work together very easy because they work in the same network.

Lets say if a cartoon is on Nickelodeon and the other is on Disney Channel or on PBS Kids Sport it will be harder for the creators of the different show to make the characters meet each other because the cartoons are on different networks and Disney Network is in California and Nickelodeon studios is in California but probably very far away from Nickelodeon studio's and Sport studio I heard is some where in New York.

Even if those different networks are close by each other it will not be good because different character of every different channel will be on different channels going back and forth and it will be annoying to people.

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