Saturday, March 31, 2018

i Carly

i Carly was my favorite show and I use to be a big fan of that show. Sam Puckett is Carly's  best friend they best friends because in one episode Sam said to Carly "My I have your sandwich and Carly said "no way get you own." Then Sam push Carly and Sam pushed Carly back and Carly said to Sam " Your al right."

That is how they became friends I do not know what Carly was thinking if I was Carly I would not be her friend because she mean to this boy Freddie  she was mean to him in the early episodes and in to late episode Sam was dating Freddie and she has a crush on him.

Then Sam became mean to Gibby. If Sam was mean to me I probably would beat her up if she attacked me first.

Nevel is the boy who is mean to Carly and he tried to kiss Carly and Carly put chip dip in Nevels Face. Nevel said " You shouldn't have done that, Carly Shay!! You'll rue this day, you'll rue it!"

I have a Nick name for Nevel I call him Nevel the Devil  because he is mean on the show. My favorite episode was i fight Shelby Marks and Shelby wanted to play fight with Carly then Carly got scared then Shelby thought Carly attacked her granny and she wanted I real fight with Carly and Carly told what happened the Nevel post a fake video and Shelby thought that the video was real and Shelby when she was in The UFC Shelby punched Carly in the face.

Carly was scared and screaming and when Shelby was in the octagon with Carly Shelby said "let go of my leg." Carly said " Never."

Jennette McCurdy is Sam Miranda CosGrove plays Carly Nathan Kress plays Freddie and Noah Munck plays Gibby. Jerry Trainor plays Spencer Carly's older brother on the show.

i Carlys first episode was in September 8, 2007 and their last episode was in November 23, 2012. The creator of i Carly is Dan Schneider.

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