Saturday, December 22, 2018


My mom showed me the first Flicka, when I was at a library to pick up a DVD.  At first I did not want to watch it then but my mom said "try something new."

Flicka is a movie where real people play the parts of the make believe characters.  Flicka is a horse in the movie.  And this character in the movie Katy, named her Flicka.  

Katy wanted to train the horse named Flicka because she was a wild horse.  Her father said no at first and Katy was riding on the horse and she got hurt.

Her father sent the horse to a place where she can be a rodeo start.  And Katy said " that horse is scared because she never was inside of a trailer before."

They say in the movie "Flicka means beautiful girl." Flicka came out in October 20, 2006 the director of the movie is Michael Mayer.

In Flicka 2, a girl name Carrie is related to Katy and Her father.  Katy's uncle is Carrie's father.

Carrie moves with him because her grandmother was to old to take care of her. One of the farmers who worked at the farm said to Carrie that "her cousin Katy named her Flicka.

Carrie does not know her father that well.  Because the last time her father saw her she was a new born baby.

Maybe there should be a horse named Flicko.  Because Flicka is a girls name and Flicko would a Boys name.

In the movie Flicka means beautiful girl or young girl. I made the name Flicko up and Flicko means young handsome boy. In April 25, 2010 that is when The Flicka  2 movie came out.

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