Monday, December 3, 2018

Come Sunday

Come Sunday is based on a true story and The is this pastier at the church that says " If people did not know that Jesus died on the Cross and people do not know about God their not going to Hell because God knows those people are  innocent if God sends them to Hell that God is a monster.

Well some people did not agree with him because they where told all these years that if people did not know if Jesus Died on the cross and if they do not know about God they will go to hell.

Well I asked My Mom " If children do not know Jesus is their Lord and saver would they go to Hell?" 

My mom said " No children will not go to hell they will go to heaven because God knows they do not know better and he know children are innocent as they get older they know better and they might go to Hell if they do something bad."

Well in  this movie I do agree with the pastier in that movie because if people are innocent and do not know about God they will not go to Hell.

But if they do know about God and they do not believe in God and They do bad things to people They will go to Hell because They know theirs a God but they will not believe God exist and they will do bad things to people.

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