Tuesday, December 18, 2018

The arts

Any Art is when you create something for example drawing and painting is an art because you can draw and paint your own characters.

Baking you own cakes and cookies is an art and making your own frosting because you making your cookie dough and cake batter.

Cake decorating is also an art because you make you own cake designs with the frosting Cake decorate and cake design is the same thing if you wanted to sound more professional you say cake design.

Singing is an art to because you can create your own songs before people sing there songs on the radio they had to created their songs.

Toy making is an art because you can create you own dolls and action figures and dolls. So Before letters became real letters or words they create them and they write down what the word mean. And before numbers and calendars became real people had to imagine about numbers and calendars. I heard the first person created the number zero by digging a hole in the ground.

So before the alphabets became real a person had to imagine about the alphabets then they had to create the Alphabets. Even thing is an art because that is the way God created it and God is very creative.

Before people workout they had to make up  exercise moves first then they had to test if the exercise move can hurt people or not I think that is why their are exercise moves.

Dancing you can create you own dance moves. Any Martial art and MMA which stands for Mixed Martial Arts is an art because you can make up you own Martial arts moves.

Any body that does that is called a Mixed Artist because They do not just paint or draw on paper the bake there own cookies and cakes they make there own recipes they cook the song there own songs they do 2D and 3D art on the computer which is called digital art they paint on canvas they make there own toys the make their own frosting and icing.

Mixed artist can also make their own candy or jewellery they can also make their own soap and candles They can also make up their own MMA moves if they want to do Mixed Martial Arts. 

Mixed artist can also make up there own songs write their own stories they can also make their own movies and TV shows.Mixed artist can also be Directors in a movie or TV show and a actor or actress.

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