Wednesday, December 19, 2018

How to make candy canes

Well nobody can make Candy Canes by them selves They need special equipment. My culinary Arts teacher at school showed us how people in Disney World how they made Candy Canes From scratch.

I am not in 12th grade any more I am in YAP which stands for Young Adult Program. I learned that people have to use powered food coloring and not liquid food coloring because the candy cane mixer will break apart. Maybe there should be a way that even if you use liquid food coloring the candy cane mixer will not break because it will be made different.

 Well my cooking Teacher showed us this guy making Candy Canes and he was sweat and he was in the hot kitchen it was 110 degrees and they where in Florida I think. My cooking teacher said "that guy who made the Candy canes he died I think." 

I ask my cooking teacher "why he died?" The other people said " I guess him making candy canes tires him out." My cooking teacher said " I think he got hit by a pole." and a girl in my class has said" That's gotta hurt."

The first person who invented candy canes is First, candy canes were certainly not invented in Indiana, since the first reports of hard candy sticks (the precursor to candy canes) come from the 17th century, long before Indiana was even a glimmer in some secessionist's eye. And it turns out that white candy sticks were actually quite common at Christmas.

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