Thursday, March 17, 2016

Billy the Kid

Billy The Kid was a bank robber if some one does not give him what his wants or if some one try's to stop him He will try to shoot them with a gun.

I Hate Billy because he was a bad person and his parents are probably bad so that is why he is bad.

I read that for my Home work I understand That he was not a nice person.

 I said to my father I think he was bad My father said You think he was bad I believe that Billy was mentally sick.

Billy was born in September 17 1859 in Manhattan New York. his real name happens to be William Henry McCarty, Jr.

His siblings are Joseph Antrim and Bridget McCarty they are probably bad like there brother.
William died in July 14, 1881 in Fort Summer, New Mexico.

His parents names where Patrick McCarty and Catherine McCarty They probably robbed a bank first then billy copied them probably because when parents are good the children copy and do good if they parents do bad thing then the children copy and do bad stuff some .

Some people back then thought he was nice because he had a baby face just because some one looks nice does not mean there are nice are just because someone looks mean does not mean there are mean.

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