Sunday, March 13, 2016

The Disney Movie Incredbles 2 again

I am writing about the Disney cartoon movie the Incredible 2 again.

First I heard the creators say it's going to come out in 2016 now there are changing it to 2019 It's is very horrible some people want two see that movie really bad.

I will say the creators there are your a couple of your chose even you going to make the movie this year or your movie is going to have to be cancelled.

 "If There say we are going to make the movie in 2019 or 2090".

 I will say again "that is to long the cartoon will be to old that is not your couple of your chooses even your Incredibles movie has to be cancelled or show it this years the first Incredibles came out in 2004 that was like more than a decade it was 12 years ago when your made that movie!"

I will Never do that to my cartoons if the came out since 2016 I will not say my cartoons will come out in 2080 I will make them come out in 2017.

The creator of this movie is Brad Bird he should make the character older Like people on You Tube videos say about this movie.

 I do not think A New Incredbles is going to come out if a first movie come out the second movie will take a couple of years not 15 years it sounds like there are lying it's horrible to lie.

The Creator of the The Incredibles movie I hope your like the blog that I write about other cartoons and celebrities on television and remember you a couple of chooses about you animation movie!

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