Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Thomas Batuello

Thomas Batuello was was on the Nickelodeon show called The Naked Brothers Band.

We was in the band with Nat and Alex Wolff. He was on the show scene 2006 to 2009 now Nat and Alex Wolff are doing something else with there life like making movies.

It says he was born in March 31, 1994 in New York City The Bronx it says that on Celebrities it do not say it on Google.

It Did not says who Batuello's parents are because maybe he is not a popular celebrities enough to have his parents or siblings name on the internet. Thomas Friend is David Levi.

I first saw the show the Naked Brother s band The first Episode in 2006 I thought I missed the first episode then I just read on the Internet that it is the first episode.

I heard that one of the boys from The Naked Brothers Band use to live in Montclair New Jersey That is were I use to live.

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