Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Jeffrey Garcia

Today I am writing about Jeffrey Garcia. His was in the cartoon Television show Jimmy Neutron, He did the voice of Sheen. One of Jimmy's Friends.

Mr Garcia was also in another Nickelodeon, cartoons like Back At the Barnyard.  He was in the Jimmy and Timmy Power Hour.

It's when a couple of different cartoons that are on a Different show That Meet on the same show He was also in a cartoon movie called Happy Feet.

Mr. Jeffery, was born in May 3, 1977 In La Puente California. It does Not say who's his parents are another guy who has the same first and last name as him Jeffrey Garcia.

 I read was a football player and his was born in February 24, 1970 in Gilory California. It says his parents are Bob Garcia and Linda Garicia.

I read on the internet There where a couple of Jeffrey Garcia's, on the internet that where both born in different times I never seen Two Nat Wolff's, or a couple of Amy Poehler's, on the internet maybe they are more poplar celebrities then Jeffery Garcia.


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