Saturday, November 17, 2018

Chocolate cake they said it's good for you

My math teacher read that scientist say that Chocolate cake is good for you for breakfast because it keeps you energizes. I said " Would it give people a sugar crash." He said " It could."

Research says it's good for both your waistline and your brain.

Habitual chocolate intake was related to cognitive performance measured with an extensive battery of neuropsychological test that the researchers wrote. More frequent chocolate consumption was significantly associated with better performance on these test.

They say chocolate cake for breakfast can help people lose weight. Well just because the internet says that dose not mean it's true. If you just eat chocolate cake every day for breakfast it can give people a sugar crash.

Well people need to eat protein also for breakfast they can not just have Chocolate cake all day every day.

Too much chocolate cake is not good for you to much of any thing is not good for you.

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