Sunday, November 11, 2018

The Mixed Channel

I would like to create a channel on TV called The Mixed Channel It';s called the Mixed channel because This channel has different TV shows and Different channels.

 For example The Boondocks is n Adult Swim and The Loud House is on Nickelodeon Those channels will be on the Mixed Channel because their to different shows from different channels.

Channels are separated these days Like Disney and Nickelodeon are 2 different channels and there different show on those too different channels.

The Mixed channel will be mixed with all different channels Like Cartoon Networks
shows,Nickelodeon,Shows,Teen,Nicks show Disney's Shows,Adult Swims show,The Health,Channels Shows, ABC Shows or any different channel show will be on this channel.

All different channels have different shows and All the different channel with the different shows will all be on the this TV channel called The Mixed Channel.

For example On The Mixed TV channel lets say their was a Nickelodeon show The logo will say it started on the channel nickelodeon and The logo says on the bottom of the TV screen called the Mixed Channel.

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