Saturday, November 3, 2018

TV Channels

TV Channels use to be free but now people need to buy the TV channels. Well I wanted to watch Cartoon Network because The Boondocks is coming back on TV with Reruns.

 Well Cartoon Network is not Included to my mothers TV package so she has to pay extra of Cartoon Network.

I said to my mom " Can you make sure that Cartoon Network is included to the TV package." My mom said " I can not control that only the TV Company can Control that.

My in the future we can write a letter on Online to the TV company on what channels you want to include to your TV package and any body can control what channels they can include to their TV package.

Maybe They should be free TV and Free TV channels again because some people might not have to money to get TV channels or TV. Maybe all the TV channel will be included to the TV package.

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