Friday, November 16, 2018

Meet The Robinsons

Meet the Robinson's is a Disney movie. This movie is about a Young boy and his son come to his past and the Young boy named Lewis went to the future. Lewis is the young boy who gives up hope of retrieving his latest invention which was stolen by Bowler Hat Guy.

 Then a young time-traveler named Wilbur Robinson arrives on the scene to whisk Lewis away in his time machine. Wilbur was in Lewis past and that means he was in his fathers past. Lewis did not know that is really his future son.

 The boys spend a day in the future with Wilbur's eccentric family and uncover an amazing secret at the same time.The Lewis finds out That Wilbur is really is son from the future.

This movie came out in March 30, 2007. The creator of the movie is Stephen J. Anderson. Well Lewis is a boy Genus and he makes up machines. This is a pretty cool movie because it's all about science and people traveling the future and the past. Francesca Framagucci Robinson is Lewis future wife.

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