Monday, November 12, 2018

The Wild Thornberrys

The Wild Thornberry's was a cartoon on Nickelodeon it's created by Arlene Klasky,Gábor Csupó,David Silverman,Steve Pepoon and Stephen Sustarsic. Two of those people are the same creators of the Rugrats.

Rugrats is a different cartoon Then The Wild Thornberry's but they was a movie The The Thornberry's and The Rugrats meet They probably did that because they are the same creators that created those different cartoons.

For example The same thing is those shows a both on the same channel Nickelodeon and they are two people who created The Thornberry's and The Rugrats but the difference is their different shows and they have different characters in those shows.

That show first episode was in September 1, 1998 and their final episode was in June 11, 2004. That show is about a girl named Eliza and she can speak to animals and the causing of all of the sorts adventures.

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