Monday, November 19, 2018

The Case For Christ

The Case For Christ is  a movie that I watched with my mom yesterday. She said " the movie is called A Case For Christ." I said " I found The Case For Christ." My mom said " That's close enough." Then we watched the movie.

The movie is about a wife and a husband who got married there daughter choked on a gumball and the African American woman was spouse to be at a different restaurant but they saved there daughters life in that restaurant and there daughter was not choking any more.

The husband did not believe in God which his wife did. The Husband did not believe in God at first he was trying to prove that God was not real but then he believe that God is real.

Well some people do not believe in God and That's sad because he created us. God might sound like a fairy tail but his not. I not going to say everything what happened in the movie because I do not want to spoil it for people.

I think it's a good movie for people to watch and it can teach people about God and Educate how some people do not believe in God at first then they believe in him.

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