Friday, November 30, 2018

Blues Clues and Steven Burns

Blues Clues was a show that aired on Nick Jr. This show is with cartoon characters and Real people playing the characters in the show. Steven Burns used to have hair but some one told me he is bald now.

I looked at Steven Burns yesterday and he had no hair and he wears glasses.

Blues Clues has the cartoon blue dog name Blue,Green Puppy and Magenta their are all puppies.

Steven Burns was the first real person on this show but the guy who plays his younger brother name Joe Burns he took his place in the show and The actors name who plays Joe is Donovan Patton.

Donovan Patton was also in another Nick Jr. Show called Team UmiZoomi He did the voice of Bot.

He was also in movies like Imagine That and he was other TV shows like Blue's room Blue's room has Blue in the show but Blue is not a cartoon puppy in that show shes a puppet puppy dog.

Blues Clues first episode was in September 8, 1996 their last episode was in August 6, 2006.  Blue's Room first episode was in  August 10, 2004 Their last episode was in March 29, 2007. There creators of Blue's Clues is Traci Paige Johnson,Todd A. Kessler and Angela Santomero.


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