Thursday, November 29, 2018

Stephen Hillenburg

Stephen Hillenburg was the original creator of SpongeBob.

 Mr. Hillenburg died because he has a disease called ALS. I heard that when it was the end of the day at my school I heard it from one of the teachers in my school.

Mr. Stephen was born in August 21, 1961 and her died in November,26 2018.

 People in my school think SpongeBob is still going to be on TV. Probably not because He draws SpongeBob the Best and If other artist draw SpongeBob it might not be as good as the Original creator did.

My mom heard it on the news two and she Said " There is a lot of Artist who draw SpongeBob The creator of SpongeBob probably drew him first then other artist drew him. His parents names are Kelly N. Hillenburg, Jr and Nancy Hillenburg.

His child's name is Clay Hillenburg. Stephen spouse is Karen Umland Hillenburg. I was crying when I first heard it.

On the internet it says Is the show SpongeBob over if it's not on TV anymore I will help them make a website.

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