Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Jazmyn Bieber

Jazmyn Bieber is a very sweet girl I heard she is Justin Bieber's Little sister. Jazmyn was born in May 30, 2008 in Canada.

Justin Bieber girl friend was Selena Gomez and they broke up and Nat Wolff the celebrity I have a crush on kiss Selena Gomez on the lips they were just acting in the movie and I also read Nat and Selena are Good friends.

That is one of The Reason's Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez broke up because Justin was jealous at Nat.

"Like come on Justin Nat is just acting you better leave my man alone!" I really do not like Justin Bieber because his been acting like a jerk. First I use to love is songs and Justin Biebers old songs sound a lot better then his new songs.

I like Justin Bieber's old songs but I do not like his new songs. My mother said " Maybe he been acting like a jerk that's why."

I heard That Justin was peeing in public My father " said maybe he had to go real bad." First of all he should of tried to go to the bathroom weather he needed to go or not second of all he should not pee in public that is why I do not like Justin Bieber.

The last time I heard on the radio Justin first was a okay then he became a jerk then he became better again and now he is starting to act like a jerk again.

Jazmyn Bieber is fine for me but Justin her brother I do not like him as much I like Jazmyn a lot better.

And there parents names are Jeremy Bieber and Erin Wagner and there sibling is Jaxon Bieber and he was born in November 20, 2009 in Canada. It sound like that talk in American and I do not know they where born Canada until I read on the internet. It Does not say what Jazmyn Bieber's Mother's parents are because maybe that woman is more private about her parents then her husband.

Bonnie Bieber is there aunt and there uncles are Brad Bieber and Rob Bieber. Jazmyn's Grand parents are Kathy Bieber and George Bieber. Some celebrities have there famlies name on the internet because they are not as private like other celebrities.

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