Saturday, June 17, 2017

Leigh - Allyn Baker

Leigh - Allyn Baker was on the Disney show called Good luck Charlie.  She was also in Back at the Barnyard that happens to be a show on Nickelodeon and she did the voice of Abby the cow and before Back at the barnyard was a TV show on Nickelodeon it was a movie.

Leigh has sons their names are Baker James Kauffman and Griffin Kauffman I had never heard a person's name is Baker it's probably his stage name. 

Her spouse is Keith Kauffman. Bakers parents names are Mike and Vicki Baker. Ms. Leigh was born in March 13, 1972 in Murray Kentucky.

People say why is a person last name cook or baker in my opinion it has to do with the countries and if some people's ancestor hundreds of years ago the last name was cook if the family cooked a lot of that is probably why.

  If the person's ancestor's on the father side changed their name to cook because they like to cook and their real name could be a very ugly or a salve name

And some people ancestors if they where more Bakers then cooks and there whole family use to bake them deserts.

  They might change theirs name last names to baker that is probably why the person last name was born baker if her ancestor like the name baker and they changed their name to baker because their family likes to bake yummy treats.

And those ancestors might change their name to Baker because maybe their birth name was a salve name or very ugly too.

Back in slavery times some people if their parents were salve they would most likely have a slave

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