Thursday, October 11, 2018

Food in the refrigerator and Food in other countries

Well food is not as healthy as back in the olden days because people take out all the Nature out of food and They put chemicals in food so they taste better and They will last longer.

 Maybe in the future people will make this healthy chemical that they put in food so they can last longer.

Garlic and Oil you can not have them both in the refrigerator for a very long time because it can grow Bactria My Culinary Arts teacher told me that he also said " Well back in the out days other countries like Europe and Asia do not want a McDonald's in there Country." He also say he knows women that went to Mexico their is no Taco Bell my cooking teacher said well it's Mexico that's why.

Well it's like now theirs McDonalds all over the planet and it's sad because it's like American is forcing other countries so McDonalds can be in there country.

For example taco bell is an American restaurant so is McDonald's and American wants like Europe or other countries to have McDonald's Restaurant in their country and Other Countries Like Africa ,Europe or Asia did not want a McDonald's in the first place.

I think American restaurants should stay in there own country because it's like their telling other countries to take their restaurant it's like American taken over their land in a way and Asia,Africa and Europe's restaurants should stay in their own country to. But I read in some country's there is no McDonald's.

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