Tuesday, October 23, 2018

The First computer art ever made

The First Computer art was created in 1970s approached, computer art generated enough interest such that Xerox created the first Graphical User Interface, used for graphic design. 

The release of the first Macintosh computer in the 1980s helped popularize Xerox's GUI program as a tool for creativity.

The first 2D animation software was in 1970s This is an experimental 2D animated short drawn on a data tablet by Peter Foldes, who used the world's first key frame animation software, invented by Nestor Burtnyk and Marceli Wein. Produced by Ed Catmull, the short demonstrates a computer animated hand, as well as human faces.

Their is this first art software called paint and you do not have to download it because it was made when the first computer was made and when the internet was first made. Paint is not a good software it's more of an old fashion computer art software.

More modern and new computer art soft ware is Photoshop but you have to pay for it to have the soft ware,Paint.Net you can download that one for free and Paint 3D, Pencil 2D and Blender or 3D Daz are also good 3D softwares.

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