Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Lip Stick and make up

Lip Stick is good to wear sometimes so you can look pretty. I was eating yesterday at a party I went to and My black Lip stick come off. Well after when people eat the lipstick comes off that is how it's made.

Maybe in the future if any body puts on Lipstick and if they eat the lipstick will not come off it will only come off when you wanted to come off. I think when people eat the lip stick will still be on there lips becasue Lip sticks will be made different.

If anybody's eats in the future they Lipstick will still be on there mouth permanently because all Lip Sticks all over the planet will be created differently.

These days after when people eat the Lipstick comes off the mouth and people do not what that. Maybe people should create Lip Stick even if you eat it you stay on your mouth Permanently and If
you ready to take the lip stick off you can take it of very easy with water.

Lets say you have Make up on your face and you crying you make up will come off your face.

In the future maybe people should make the make up even if people are crying the make up will be on anybody's face permanently and if there ready to take the make up off they can take the make up off.

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