Saturday, October 20, 2018

Payton Myler Dulu

Will Payton was on the show Ninja Kids. They say she is a red and black belt in martial arts.

 She strong for her age but I do not think she can beat up an adult. She was born 22, 2008.

Her brothers names are  Bryton and Ashton Before she became 
famous she The Ninja Kidz TV channel was started in 2017 and gained fame for  its Power Rangers short videos.  I found it on You Tube yesterday.

In one episode The young boys said " Is Payton stronger or the male body builder?"

 Well Payton did walk on her hands but the man is older then her and he is a grown man you can not compare her to a grown man. 

Her mother's name is Aly Myler.  Ninja Kids I never saw the show on TV but I have seen the show on You Tube.

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