Monday, October 8, 2018

How TV Was

I met a Producer at a Film Festival. The Film Festival was in New York City. I went There with my dad because I want to make a Documentary of my own cartoons that I created.

The saw The film and The Film was about The first African American person who was ever on TV and Black people where not allowed on TV back them because of the society.

This movie was about They talk about black people who are doing good things for people.

That is also what The Southeast Queens is about too that is what The film and one of our blogs have things in common.

Our blog is about how we show black people are doing good things for people to. And On the news There always show African american doing bad stuff to people because the society we live in on the news on TV they never show black people doing good things.

Our blog and The film we saw is like the news and They show African Americans doing good things that film and our blog should never end.

The first African american on TV was On this date in 1939, "The Ethel Waters Show," a variety special appeared on NBC. The new medium then in development was called television. On The Ethel Waters Show, Waters along with the African American actresses Fredi Washington and Georgette Harvey performed a dramatic sequence from her hit play Mamba's Daughters.

Also in the film we heard that a woman and a young boy was breathing in gas in the car and they where not breathing in oxygen and that is how they died. 

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