Sunday, December 15, 2019

Willa's Wild Life

An endearing little girl with a unique Hose, Willa maneuvers her way through life's trials and tribulations, aided by her loving father and the plethora of zoo animals she has as an extended family. 

Although she frequently makes her situations worse before they get better, her adventures offer valuable lessons to her young viewers.

The characters in this shows names are Willa, Sara,Kara, Lara, Evelyn and Dooley.

The creator of this show is Dan Yaccarino. The channels this show has been on are Qubo,TF1,France 5,YTV,CITV,MiniMini+ and Télétoon+.

I do not know this is a good show or not because I saw pictures of this show but I never really watched the show before.

I mean it probably is a good show or it probably isn't a good show If people know this show very well some people might say it's a good show and some people might say it's not but I am on the Neutral side. This shows first episode was in September 21, 2008 and their last episode was in  February 6, 2009.

So this show has not been on TV for like a year yet in fact this show has only been on TV for 5 months.

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